Genetic testing performed in a specialized laboratory and known as a בדיקת אבהות פרטית to classify tissues in which a genetic relationship between subjects can be proven to be exactly 99 percent. This accuracy enables paternity, sibling, and any other family connection to prove. The בדיקת אבהות פרטית results admissible in court and used in determining that person is the father of a particular child, according to the “Law of genetic information, Tss”a -2000.” Existing in the country accredited laboratories that perform testing tissue classification purposes proof of paternity, based on a genetic match.
Importantly Because the court’s recognition of the results of the examination will only be done if the examination was carried out in accordance with the court’s order. The examination involves a fee and also the opening of a legal process entails a fee. A private examination without a court order will not be legally valid and therefore the findings of the private examination cannot be used. In order to register the child on his father’s name or any other use.
to examine the implications surrounding tissue began to inheritance law And to the minor registering his father’s name in the Population Register.
Unmarried spouses who have a romantic relationship, the woman is a resident and citizen of Israel, while the man is a citizen and resident abroad. From this relationship the woman became pregnant and after a while the couple decided to marry and applied for a home office to arrange status for the man. And when the woman conceives a man with a taste for him, the Interior Ministry will request a tissue classification בדיקת אבהות פרטית which will allow the minor to name his father in the Population Register.
Inheritance matters – As long as the child is not registered in the name of his father, he has no right to inherit his father by inheritance law until the registration is made and after the claim to paternity is proved. For example, in 2006, Honorable Justice Weitzban Zvi issued an innovative verdict under his hand and ordered the deceased’s grave to be examined for tissue testing. tissue analysis. the question raised was whether the Court is empowered to order the opening of the tomb of the deceased to carry out a DNA test to determine parentage. eventually procedure Court granted the request and ordered the opening of the tomb of the deceased to perform the test.
In the case of an unmarried woman who had a child Out of wedlock a spare or married man wants to sue the father with a claim for alimony Minor, a claim against the father for paternity is required when the father is required to perform a tissue test.
For obtaining rights to a minor by virtue of guardianship law, a father whose status is unregulated, that is, the child is not registered in his name on the population network, will not be able to claim rights to a minor by virtue of being the natural guardian of the minor as long as his status is not proven and his status is established.

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